Bread Machine Wheat Dinner Rolls Recipe

Great Grandma's rolls were popular at any family gathering.  She taught Elizabeth how to make them when she was about eight and she made them often.  I on the other hand could not get them light and fluffy, so I left all bread making to Elizabeth.  Until we got our West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Machine. Now I let it knead the dough and I bake in a conventional oven.  Here is our Bread Machine Wheat Dinner Rolls Recipe.

Great Grandma used just white flour, we use a combination of fresh ground whole wheat and bread flour.  They can be shaped any way you like:  mini-rolls, round rolls, clover leaf rolls, crescent, etc.  Bake on greased or non-stick cookie sheets or use parchment paper.  Great Grandma always cooked hers in "pie tins."

You'll notice it says 2 to 3 cups bread flour -- begin with 2 and let it start kneading and add a little more at a time until the dough seems right.  The humidity in the air makes a huge difference on how these turn out.

Check after a couple minutes of kneading and add flour or water as needed for proper texture - should be quite stiff and not stick to your finger when poked.  Add small amounts at a time—1 or 2 teaspoons.

You can read the review of the West Bend Hi-Rise Bread Machine we wrote earlier and check out all our  Bread Machine Recipes. We love using the machine to do the kneading for us and we then shape and bake.
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