Thank you for visiting Nurturing Cuisine!  This website exists because I passionately believe that the caring preparation of food is necessary to the emotional wellbeing of our families, communities, and society as a whole.  This is because I view cooking as far more than just a task.

The Purpose

The purpose of this site is to make cooking, baking, and every aspect of food preparation available to everyone.  The experienced cook or baker will find delicious recipes to expand their cookbook.  The novice will find detailed information on ingredients, equipment, techniques, methods, and step-by-step photo instructions for every recipe.  Those who care for the origins and traditions behind the recipes will find the stories and memories behind the finished product.

The Passion

Cooking is, at its most distilled essence, an expression of community.  We cook not only to provide the necessary nutrition to sustain life, but to foster our togetherness, to nurture those who are important to us, and to express our culture and heritage. 

Here in America, with our melting pot of people, ethnicities and cultures, we have taken the heritage our we or our ancestors brought and combined it with one another and our shared experience in this land and created something that encompasses the traditions of the world and yet is often uniquely our own.

Placing a meal on the table is an expression of love and care.  Taking time to cook says: I know what you like, I know you need nutrition and energy, and I care enough about you to devote my time and effort to providing for one of your most basic needs.  The same principle is at work whether it is a masterpiece chocolate cake for 2 year-old’s birthday or a simple bowl of hot oatmeal for the homeless man who needs a good breakfast to keep his new job.

Food preparation is fast becoming a lost art in our society, but I believe it is not one we can afford to do without.  This expression of heritage and community is too precious to give up.

I hope you find something here that will help you to be more fulfilled as a cook and to expand your repertoire of favorite dishes.

The Author

I am a single woman in my late twenties,  originally from Ohio, now living in the Southeast, with a bachelor’s degree, a wonderful group of family and friends, and a passion for nurturing others with food and myself with its preparation.  I am always seeking to serve my family, friends, church, and community in ways food and non-food related.
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