Oven Baked Boy Scout Packet Potatoes

We love grilling Boy Scout Packet Potatoes outside.  We wanted a way to replicate this recipe in our weekly menu cooked indoors.  Too often when we made it the traditional way, wrapped in foil, a small tear would cause butter to drip on the bottom of the oven.  We thought we'd try wrapping them and using the 9 x 13 pan to hold them, but then decided why not just bake them directly in the pan?  Here is our indoor Oven Baked Boy Scout Packet Potatoes Recipe version.

Ready for the oven.
As you can see you can peel the potatoes or leave the peels on.  Also, some of
us like pepper and some of us don't -- this method is easy to keep it separate.  The butter can also be adjusted for personal taste -- more or less.

Oven Boy Scouts Packet Potatoes Recipe

There seems to be a huge variable as to potatoes cooking on the same time table.  We use red potatoes, but even those can vary by bag. Sometimes they end up a little under done and other times over.  These Boy Scouts Oven Baked Packet Potatoes are not as good as over a campfire, but they they still are delicious.
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