Party Sub Sandwiches - The Recipe

Perfect for Game Day parties - at least my family thinks so.  This is a hearty, yet simple main dish that allows you to be in front of the television instead of in the kitchen.  It is also perfect to take to a party as it is easy to prepare ahead of time and package to carry and requires
no reheating.  Enjoy the Game!

  • Long loaf of Bread for Sub Roll – I use Italian or French style Bread.  Use a thick loaf if this is your main dish or a narrow roll if this is one of many pick-ups.
  • Mustard – be sure to consider what strength your guests will tolerate
  • Mayonnaise – whatever you usually use would be fine
  • Lettuce – A head of Iceberg is easiest to shred
  • Onion – White Vidalia type works best, but any will do
  • Tomato – Something rather firm that will hold up to slicing
  • Meat – Have the Deli Slice it thinly.  About 1/4 - 1/3 lb of each meat for each average sized loaf of French Bread.  I use 3 meats: Turkey, Ham, and some Spiced Meat such as Salami or Lebanon Bologna.
  • Cheese – Same as meat about 1/4-1/3 lb per loaf.  I use 2 cheeses, but vary them between Swiss, Cheddar, Munster, Colby, and Monterey Jack.
  • Toothpicks – the decorative kind that show up well.  This sandwich really needs to be held together, and you definitely do not want anyone biting down on a toothpick.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

Slice Bread in Half to make it into one giant sub roll.

Spread Mustard and Mayonnaise.

Layer Meats and Cheeses –  I usually do meat, cheese, meat, cheese, meat. My dad does meats then cheeses – it really does not matter.

Slice Lettuce, Onion, and Tomato thinly.  The thinner the better here, you want to be able to overlap it a bit without the overall sandwich getting too tall.

Layer on: Onion, Tomato, and Lettuce.  Salt and Pepper the Lettuce.

Put the top on the sandwich.

Decide how many slices you want to cut it into – I usually cut them into roughly squares, and put 1-2 toothpicks in the center of where each slice will be (otherwise, it will fall apart when you cut it.

Slice and Place on Serving Tray.  You could use a long platter and leave the slices together in the shape of the original sandwich or a round one as I did and circle them around.


You could really add anything you want here.  Some Suggestions:

Peppers – Sliced Thinly and added with the onions
Other Lettuce – Any type will do, Iceberg is just easier to slice finely.
Sprouts – Instead of Lettuce
Broccoli – My mom likes this, especially with just Turkey.
Oregano – Sprinkle on Lettuce
Vinegar & Oil – Drizzle on Lettuce
Italian Dressing – Drizzle on Lettuce – this works especially well with Italian Meats.
Anything else that sounds good to you and your guests!

If you want vegetarian or vegan, just leave off the meat and cheese and use a variety of vegetables.

Serving Suggestion:

This is really easy – open a bag of chips and jar of pickles and make sure you have plenty of pop on hand (or soda or soft drinks depending on what part of the country you are from).  If you want to be really fabulous add a simple vegetable tray and you are good to go.
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